We had our annual Onam festival celebrations coming up at our apartment. One of my partners- Jyothi had a deep pull to make it a Zero waste event. The 3 of us (@ Fine Elements) deliberated on ways to avoid waste. Traditionally food is had on plantain leaves for the…

Courtesy — My 8 year old

I took a break from IT career last year. I was always a person with a green thumb, trying my hand at tinkering with greens in the pots whenever I got the time. While on my break I happened to hear a talk by Dr. Shanthi Tummala — a passionate…

Nisha Vinod

Social Entrepreneur, Green enthusiast, Avid reader. Co-founder of Fine Elements,@ fine.elements.eco, fb:FineElementsEco, LinkedIn:fine-elements-eco, nisha-vinod

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